Xstreambay Command Center

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The Xstreambay Command Center is a turn key video and audio streaming system. Paired with a laptop computer (not included) and OBS software (a free internet download) the system makes it possible to stream live to social media and other streaming platforms, while switching 4 HDMI inputs, 2 mic/line inputs and audio through the HDMI cables.  Plus, you can easily roll in videos, animations, overlay graphics and perform high quality, real time green screen keys at the push of a button.  The audio control panel allows the user to not only adjust audio levels on the fly, but also mute and un-mute each channel individually.  And, with our online training videos,we'll jump start you right into the world of professional live stream video in no time.  Make sure to check out our demo video to see how easy it is to take single and multi-camera production live to the world.

 *Usually ships within 7 days.